Mantras to swear by while looking out for the ‘Ultimate Wedding Lehenga’!

To buy our farewell dress for college, we roam around atleast 10 shops to finalize that one perfect dress that we wish to be remembered in by your batch mates for the years to come. It is natural that when it comes to an event as big as your wedding, you do wish to have every single element that you put on to be on-point and talking about weddings; we cannot help but arrive to the stage where the to-be-bride hunts for her ultimate wedding lehenga! Most brides have a pre-constructed image of how they desire to look for their wedding already in their head. It’s all a matter of finding that lehenga that matches the level in their head and does justice to their dream.

When choosing the perfect piece of lehengas; it is important for the bride to be extra careful with the detailing aspects in lehengas.Finding your dream lehenga is a huge task in itself and we truly believe that a bride to-be should definitely not have so much to stress about. The task can be simplified if you manage to follow a few steps during the shopping process to find the best lehenga that won’t disappoint you later. It is easy to be deceived by shopkeepers and end up taking hasty decisions that we’ll regret which is why one should know what they are getting into before they fall flat as soon as they spot a lehenga close to what they desire.

Of course, a girl looks the most beautiful when she is comfortable in her skin and in what she is wearing, but for a wedding we all wish to have that one little secret that makes us feel extra special. Though a general misconception, it is not always necessary to have something very expensive to stand out in your wedding. Here, are a few tips to avoid those mini panic attacks and to look fab when you wear your lehenga on D-day.

  1. Do your Homework well before your trip to the online boutique

In such cases, it is safe to know what you want and carry reference images of those outfits. Do a research on brides or models that have similar features as you do and see what kind of lehengas they have opted for. Crop top lehengas are more in on the runaway trends.

  1. ALWAYS try before you buy

A wedding dress can in no way be a misfit! Make sure your dress is not too loose or body-hugging. It is very essential that you find a right fit for your wedding dress and alter it wherever required. In order to save your time in the alternation; do read complete product description provided for the floral lehenga.

Carry your own style.

You might have come across a very beautiful wedding dress and you can’t stop dreaming about wearing it for your wedding. But stop! Not all that is put up there looks nice once you wear it. You need to sit down and analyze if what you wish to wear is really worth all the dreaming sessions you have. Consider your own personality and style rather than being blindly mesmerized by a lehenga worn by your favorite celebrity. Try to stick to your own style. It will help you to be at most comfortable with your outfit on the main day.

  1. Simple can do wonders as well.

Yes, we have seen those movies where actresses wear a heavy studded lehenga and put on vintage jewelry and all. But c’mon girls! They get breaks between their shoots and they have people running behind them to fix their make up and dress everywhere they go. In real life, you won’t really get those refreshment breaks. You won’t get to enjoy much of the AC’s cooling. Worse? You’ll end up sweating! So why not stick to something simple yet elegant. Trust us, these simple authentic dresses have a magic of their own.

  1. Pay attention to the blouse and the dupatta as well

The blouse has the power to make or break your look! The cut and work on the blouse play an extremely important role. The blouse should fit you well and not restrict any movements. The dupatta will be overlapping the blouse and lehenga and will cover your head. This is a good enough reason why your dupatta needs special attention. A dupata with a pop of color in a contrast shade can be a good choice to go for. Unique and adorable range of colors can only be availed on online store.

  1. The embroidery on lehenga

Make sure that the work or embroidery is reliable. We don’t wish to find out threads and beads falling out from our lehenga on the final day. Stay away from first copies and imitations of designer lehengas. They might tempt you a lot but at the end of the day they aren’t originals and will have their flaws which you might not notice while buying it but will regret it once bought. Quirky motifs out here are perfect to steal your heart and attention in just one glance.

  1. Keep the weather in mind

This should be in the top most pointers of your list. Even before starting to look for lehengas, mention the season during your wedding. What good is the lehenga if you cannot feel good while you are in it? A light weight lehenga can freeze you during a winter wedding while a heavy lehenga will drown you in your own sweat if worn during summers.

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