The young Christian and the fashion

The holiness of the Believer consists, not only in being separated from the world, more especially in being different from the world (Matt 5.13-16). The way the believer lives, what he eats, drinks, wears, how he treats his family reveals his philosophy of life. This is of particular importance, weighing the fact that, the philosophy that guides its life, it reveals to which destiny is referring. If by the way of the broad door and without many restrictions or of the door and paths, equally narrow by the dictates of the Word of God (Mt 7.13,14). In the question of Christian clothing (robe) is involved much more than a matter of personal taste, but a question that reveals all the philosophy that guides life. I-The guilty of the evils of modern fashion the mundane television has shown more and more the body and less the clothes of the people. Modern fashion has an obsession with sensuality and sinful and immoral eroticism.

Its methodology consists of dishonestly taking advantage of the human imaginary, through a suggestive language that awakens fantasies and erotic desires. This society, by secular nature, has never been a good reference for the believer, because he does not fear God and does not use his word as a parameter of conduct. Among the various sectors of the mundane system, is the fashion, which is the art or technique of confectioning the human garment. Let us look at some aspects of these evils: 1.1 Satan. It is the opponent who has been denuting mankind through theaters, cinemas, televisions, videos, magazines, books, nudist beaches, worldly apparel, which includes blouse, mini skirt, deep necklines, transparent clothing, clothes glued to the skin, T-shirt Baby look type, etc. The safe dresses in a pure and holy way (ex 20.26; Pv 7.10; 1tm 2.9, 10) 1.2 the world. As a system that lies in the evil one, it is by nature a system that tends to impurity and immorality. Fashion and world are synonyms (1oj 2.15-17; 5.19); 1

III-What the Bible says about nudity among other things, a person’s garment reveals how much she fears God and how much the word of God is really his referential of conduct and life. Regrettably, for many so-called “Christians” and “Evangelicals”, fashion stylists are the referential for their dress. We note what the Bible says about nudity: the contemplation of nudity results in curse (Gn 9.22,25; Lk. 17.1, 2); It is not God’s will that the nakedness of his servants be exposed (ex 20.26); Nudity causes sensuality (ex 18.4-18); Discovering nudity in the Bible is synonymous with “having sex” (ex 20.11; 17-24; 2sm 11.2-4); Nudity outside of marriage, devalues, leads to contempt and divine punishment (Lm 1.8, 9; Ez 16.36-43; 23.18).

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