5 Easy Ways to Make Use of Your Bridesmaid Outfit again and Look more Beautiful

After serving as a bridesmaid at your sister or friend’s wedding, you are returning home with a dress. The dress is woven with memories of your friend’s wedding day, friendship, and love. However, later it becomes difficult to put on the dress because of the color or pattern.

As the dress is very precious to you and your friends, you have to think of different ways of keeping it. When your friend does not meet your personal fashion choices, don’t let a dress ruin your friendship. You still can look beautiful and charming without being paralyzed by the fear of embarrassment.

Of course, you can store it forever by not tinting it with any other memories. Many of you receive timeless dresses and re-wearing them is definitely an option. Even if the outfit matches any of the upcoming trends, you can repeat it and participate in the cyclical nature of fashion. However, if you are not too sure about the future, you can reuse the cheap bridesmaid dresses in these following ways.

Customize it for Further Use

Cut the midsection and get a top and skirt. For mismatched attire, the two separate parts can make two unique style statements. In the meantime, make sure that the cuttings are done in a strategic way and you can still very much remain in the trend. Also, you can alter the dress for transforming it into a cocktail dress. This works best when the long length or trail becomes a headache to manage.

Fun Outfit Ideas

Even if you are stuck with long floor-length gown, you can go creative by adding a slimming effect. You need to picture the look of a maxi skirt paired up with a cropped top when showing off little skin around your waist. A vintage floral top and a chunky vibrant neckpiece can steal the show for you. In case, you shortened the dress, opt for cowboy boots for flaunting the charming down-to-earth look.

Up-cycling seems Interesting 

You do not have to mourn over an unflattering bridesmaid dress because you can easily change the top part without changing the bottom. Put on an interesting t-shirt or top which perfectly goes with the skirt pattern and style.  In this way, you need not undertake the hassle of cutting the dress and can easily enjoy both styles.

Dyeing can Help

One of the difficult parts of falling in love with the outfit may be the color and only dyeing can save the dress. However, the task of coloring is heavily dependent on the fabric and finish. As your close friend has painstakingly selected the dress, you can keep the valuable gift only by changing its color.

Donate for another Person’s Benefit

Many of the organizations are following the initiative of accepting people’s bridesmaid or wedding dresses. Send the dress to a charity organization or thrift shops and help a low-income or homeless person. Also, you can change another person’s prom night by submitting the classic beauty to a shop or facility. A high school senior in need can get actual help from your act of kindness.

In case, you and your friend still have not found the right dress for the wedding party or bridal shower, go through the amazing collection of cheap wedding dresses.

Author Bio: Patricia Wallace, a fashion blogger with different articles on how to look divine with cheap wedding dresses by following simple paths, here provides 5 ideas that you can use for wearing the cheap bridesmaid dresses again.

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