Tassel Jewellery For Different Occasions

Boho style jewellery is a hot fashion trend right now. Adding tassels to achieve that perfect Boho, chic look is typical of the bohemian style. All types of Tassel jewellery constitute a major part of the Boho fashion. They can be styled in various ways for different occasions. Given below are the types of Tassel jewellery and few tips to consider while sporting the Tassel jewellery trend: 1. Tassel earrings are a hot favourite in the fashion circuits. Few Tassel earrings that are trending are the- Tassel Statement Earrings, Long SilkTassel Earrings. These earrings can be used to give you that stunning look for any special occasions. If you need to attend a special event in the near future, select a pair that will blend with your style and make a statement with these show-stopping earrings. 2. Tassel Adornments- When you see fashionistas adorn fringe tassel elements hanging off their jackets, shoes, bags, belts, key chains and tops- you will realize the true essence of Tassel fashion. These adornments simply turn up the oomph factor and grab some eyeballs. 3. Tassel Necklace- The Elegant Tassel necklace can be paired with several outfits. They come in different colours, designs and sizes and give depth to your outfits. It creates a hip, chic look.Due to their versatility, you can style them with most of your clothes in your wardrobe.

4. Tassel Bracelets- These bracelets can be used to add some fun to your overall look. Tassle PomPom spike bracelet and cuff bracelets can certainly add some colour to your everyday look. 5. Tassel Handbags- You can choose from a variety of bags clutches, totes and wallets that are adorned with fringes. After going through their unique characteristics, I am sure you will also fall in love with this amazing trend. We hope these suggestions come in handy. This versatile piece of jewellery can be used to accessorize your looks, that brings a unique vibe to all of your outfits- formal or casual. They instantly turn up the glam factor and help you grab some limelight. These could be worn through the entire year and you may style them according to the occasion you want to go to. Hop on the Tassel Jewellery trend bandwagon and spice up any of your looks at pipabella.com. Don’t forget to add a personal touch to every outfit you style and make sure you have fun while you are at it!

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