How a size 10 can easily look like a size 2 

You know them, they’re in every society:  plus size women! For years these women wanted to look beautiful. However all societies, especially Western ones, favored skinnier women – this is evident when you look at the models and supermodels who grace the major runways of the world. There was not much these plus size women could do to have the look which would give them the figure which society in general accepted. Until now that is, a new generation of stores in Australia is introducing plus size women’s clothing in Australia.

All about Swish Fashion

Swish Fashion is one of the new generation stores in Australia which is introducing a line of clothing for plus size women. Ever since its founding in 2001 by Anita Carmody, this store has upheld its mission of providing heavier women with crisp and professional clothing which was made out of high-quality material, was designed and stitched in a professional and high-quality manner and was stylish and in fashion. Swish Fashion shows its patriotic colors in Australia by ensuring that all of its products (clothing, accessories, etc…) are at least 90% manufactured in the nation. Its local origin and manufacture allows the owner and management team to closely monitor the quality of the clothing:  in terms of fabric material, stitching quality, design, and style (will heavier women actually buy it because they perceive the clothing to be fashionable)? This clothing store with a unique and radical outlook and approach ensures that all of its products are well fitting and comfortable to wear.

One line of clothing which heavier endowed women should not ignore is Swish Fashion’s introductory back label line. This line has clothing for brides, bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, etc…The bride and her entourage who wear clothing from the black label line can be assured that their fashionable, well-tailored, and attractive clothes will catch people’s attention and have them talking, both during the wedding and long afterwards! After all, Swish has to live up to its mission and motto of providing ‘stylish yet comfortable clothing for the elegant woman!’

Its products in more detail…

Swish Fashion offers more endowed women (and now smaller sized women) a whole array of various types of clothing, from shirts and pants to jumpers and cardigans in great variety and colors! As mentioned earlier, its clothes are crisp and smartly designed. Their design is also well-fitting and will give the wearer a great deal of comfort. It is with these style of clothes that the wearer can enter into any room, whether it’s a meeting room or a ballroom, with a great deal of confidence that she will look attractive and crisp. Swish’s clothes don’t just make a woman look fashionable, they make her stand out and give her the confidence to perform at her best! What’s more, is that women can add to their glamorous look with Swish’s stylish accessories which include beautiful jewelry and shoes!

When in doubt…

If you are a plus sized woman, or even a more petite woman, and you have been struggling with finding clothes and complimenting accessories that make you feel beautiful and stand out, you should explore Swish Fashion’s website and shop at one of its physical stores. You will be more than pleased with the results!

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