4 tips to help you rent out a room in your home

For some people, it’s just not going to happen. The thought of renting out a room is utterly uninviting.

For others, it’s a match made in heaven. It brings some much-needed cash into the home, while there can also be social benefits (although this isn’t guaranteed!).

Some governments have actively encouraged the practice with tax breaks and the like, and this means there has been a rise in demand in the rent-a-room philosophy.

If you’re considering the practice, here are four tips that can help you get potential tenants through the door.

Be as specific as can be when marketing the room

First and foremost, don’t waste anyone’s time. If you don’t want smokers, specify that. Or, in relation to the physical makeup of the room, don’t say that there is a home office desk when really it’s a versatile dressing table.

Make those quick fixes, quick wins

In truth, this could be said for any property. We all have those quick fixes that need, well, fixing. The great thing is that these are very quick wins.

What about that peeling paint? Or that dripping tap? You may have got used to them, but someone you are hoping to convince to lodge with you most certainly hasn’t (and quite possibly, won’t). Spend a weekend fixing these small issues to bolster your chances of finding someone to rent your room.

Bring the house to life with flowers

When people start to rent a room, they think about all of the practical factors (and rightly so).

However, don’t be afraid of injecting a touch of personality into the home. Flowers can be an excellent way to achieve this, particularly if the room in question hasn’t been “lived in” for some time.

Find some floral designs from Avas Flowers to help you on your way (or the Avas Flowers Twitter page has some suggestions as well). For those of you who are looking to cut costs, there are some Avas Flowers coupons here.

Make the room versatile

Renting a room in some areas is a tough market – the competition is fierce.

This is where you need to make your room as versatile as can be. Possible suggestions include:

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