How to Plan Your Outfits Around Your Bold Hair Color

Everywhere you look, chances are there is at least one person with a bold hair color. The trend has reached social media explosion, and it has further been spurred by self-love movements. It’s an easy and immediate way of expressing your thoughts, feelings, and personality, so who could blame people for turning to the hair dye?

What people don’t realize before they decide to turn their naturally dark hair to a bold shade of pink, however, is that this new hair color will clash with their outfits. Here’s how to remedy the situation:

Wear neutral jackets

Even in a time when people are loud and proud, you still need to mind your bold tops, especially if you already have a bold hair color. One great way to tone down the look without necessarily throwing all your clothes away is by adding a neutral jacket, cardigan, or coat to your outfit.

Stick to monochromatic outfits

An all-black attire will look even better paired with your bright red hair. If you wear a black top, jeans or skirt, and a pair of dark shoes, the choice looks intentional and everyone will know you have put much thought into your whole ensemble–regardless of the absence of color.

Complement–in moderation

The color wheel tells you that orange is the complementary color to blue, and now that you have vibrant blue hair, you want to wear orange to be more coordinated. Orange, however, is a tough color to wear, and though it will look good with denim hair color, it can also be an eyesore if worn excessively. Rather than go all out, choose muted orange details or a simple orange print on a plain blouse for a more sophisticated look.

Commit to the look

An outfit looks good if every element pairs well with the others. On the other hand, if you throw on random pieces together and hope you get a cohesive outfit out of them, you’re on your way to being a fashion disaster. If you commit to having a bold hair color, go all out and commit to having badass outfits to match, too. Wear those fishnet socks loud and proud. Wear that statement on your shirt like it’s a personality. Be the best version of yourself, and stand out. This goes for your makeup, as well. Commit to better skin by buying that face toner online and investing in skincare of great quality.

Mix and match

The good thing about fashion these days is it’s less of a trend and more of self-expression. The thing that makes hair coloring fun is also the same thing that encourages you to play around with your outfit choices. You’ve already got the bold hair down pat; have a bold personality to complement it. Don’t let rules stop you from wearing your vintage jeans with an animal-print top–even if half of your hair is pink and half is blue. The overall outfit will show your personality, and it makes each individual piece even more valuable, no matter how loud they are.

You don’t need expensive outfits to make your hair look good, dyed or not. What you need is the confidence to wear whatever outfit you want.

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