Matte Hair Loss Products for Men

Hair loss is a very common genetic issue with men. Up to about 85 percent start to experience hair thinning by the time they’re 50. In some, it occurs as early as the early 20’s. Some myths that are still going around is that it’s caused by wearing baseball caps or even combing your hair. It’s not. However, combing or styling your hair aggressively can break the strands. So, go easy there.

However, what can trigger hair loss is smoking, certain medications, an excess of Vitamin A, high stress, and certain illnesses. Again, it depends on your genetic vulnerability. It occurs when your DHT hormones take over and make your follicles start to shrink to the point at which your hair strands can no longer grow through them.

The good news is that you don’t have to just put up with it if you don’t want to. Mens matte hair products for thin hair not only keep your hair cemented together, they also give a glossy finish. Matte hair products easily slick your hair without making you look like a greaser from the 1950’s. Instead they make you look as if you’ve just come out of a barber shop. If you have longer hair, unless you’re going someplace where that’s acceptable, you need to watch that your hair doesn’t look too much like a mullet. The products that tend to have a matte finish are usually the pomade and clay pomade products.

If you exercise or are planning to have a comfortable day in sweats, you may want to go subtler on your matte product. Otherwise, you’ll look much older than you want to. Instead, stick to the complete slick when you’re going to wear something like a tux or in more casual clothes like a a cashmere sweater and jeans or trousers.

Also, you don’t have to slick your hair back completely if you don’t want to. It’s your hair so you should style it the way that you prefer. If you prefer to slick yours to the side, that’s perfectly fine. If you tend to have helmet hair, you may want to comb the front of your hair toward the back first to give it the proper height.

Textured matte styles are more popular than ever. They have been so for about a decade now. Matte products were what eliminated both the boy band look of the ‘90’s and the hard shine of the turn of the century. The hard shine has come back somewhat but matte is still preferable. Again, it’s your hair so only you can make the decision as to which way you lean.

Depending on your hair style there are a few tricks you can use. If your hair is short but not a buzz cut, a small amount of styling cream is preferred. If you want to do the comb-over, a dime size amount is preferred. If you have longer hair, a matte paste or cream is preferred. If it’s straight, add leave-in conditioner just before you towel-dry your hair. For messy hair, rubbing the cream from back to front with a focus on the roots is preferred.

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