The New Trends In Men’s Fashion Garment

There is a lot of hustle bustle in the fashion world that centers on women’s apparel. The designers that focus on menswear are limited and extremely distinguished. That’s the story with the designer wears for men. On the retail front, if you see, you will find a lot of collaborations between Indian apparel companies with international brands to bring formal and casual wear brands in Indian market. Now, if we talk about ethnic or fusion wear, a lot of designer houses as well as some domestic brands are doing some incredible work in this arena.

Factors that Influences Men’s Fashion

When does a man go shopping for clothes? If you ask this question randomly to ten men around you, the most obvious answer will be – ‘when we need to buy clothes.’ Hence, fashion for men is in all senses functional as opposed to the women who shop from their heart or rather they shop their heart out. For men, comfort is the first and the last thing they look for in any apparel.

Lately, the metro-sexual men of today have started giving emphasis to styles. But even then, they will have some fixed go to brands. Keeping all these factors in mind, the apparel manufacturers have to plan their offerings in the market.

Shirts and T-shirts – the Be all and End all for the Majority

Men will go shopping clothes when they have to. They have a very clear idea about how they like to carry themselves. For the majority of them comfort precedes style by all means. They love to be in their own skin. That is the reason shirts and t-shirts have such a huge market all over the world. Shirts are their all time go to for office wear and t-shirts – when they are at home or on a casual outing.

T-shirts – The All Time Go To For Men

T-shirts happen to be the most versatile apparel that one can find in a man’s wardrobe. It is that one apparel that men literally like to live in. They love to wear them when they hit the gym or for outing with friends in a club, pub or discotheque or while lazing around in their living room. No wonder the largest base for t-shirts supplier in India thrives in this country. `They supply myriads of designs that appease the men folk.

T-shirts have also become a very potent medium for merchandising. This has also become an instant hit among men of all age; social status and body type for the simple reason that men like remain close to their favorite brands. That brand could be that of popular liquor or a team contesting for world cup or some movie character. This has earned t-shirts a universal appeal apart from the fabric comfort they provide.

The Advent of Casual Shirts

Shirts have long been categorized strictly as a formal wear. Now, however, the shirts manufacturers of India are also making casual shirts. The introduction of casual shirts has come as a breather in men’s fashion. From the age old checks and stripes, the design has moved to newer textures, prints, collars, sleeves and neck lines. These casual shirts can be paired with Johar coats and half jackets to break the monotony and add touch of fusion in men’s clothing.

Ethnic Wear For Men

Where ethnic wears are concerned, designer wears rule the roost with some handful retail brands that cater to the mass market. From light to heavy embellishment in sherwanis, texture and intricate embroideries are some of the latest trends in men’s ethnic wear.

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