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We seek to offer beautiful pendants and necklaces that open entryways for you to fortify and impart your relationship to God. We expect that your confidence will be spoken to through any bit of adornments you request from us. We work to help improve individuals’ lives and in particular, carry more individuals to Jesus with beautiful Lord’s Prayer jewelry. These pendants are unique and better than those pendant ideas our clients have seen in different places. Features with nano jewelry with Bible or with the Lord’s prayers, which when held to the light, uncover the whole Lord’s Prayer. Some of these are with splendid genuine crystals layered in the fine gold plated chain with beautifully written verses of the Bible. Get these beautiful jewelry sets at

Qualities of this jewelry and pendants:

  • Made up of excellent high-quality sterling silver holy bible prayer pendant
  • the pendant opens and has so many pages that are engraved with a petition
  • some of the pendants have a lock, that shuts the book and keeps it safely shut
  • the pendant gauges are perfect enough so that it looks more beautiful and attractive
  • the pendant is beautified with top-notch veneers

Tempered steel cross is engraved with the full, Our Father Prayer: Our Father, who workmanship in paradise, consecrated be Thy Name. The Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth for what it’s worth in paradise. Allow us this day our day by day bread, and pardon us our trespasses, as we excuse the individuals who trespass against us, and lead we not into enticement, however, convey us from malicious. So be it.

So many pendants and bracelets come with the gods blessing in this way and with these prayers:

The Lord’s Prayer

  • Our Father who craftsmanship in paradise,
  • Blessed be Thy name.
  • Thy afterlife.
  • They will be done on earth for what it’s worth in paradise.
  • Allow us this day our everyday bread.
  • Also, excuse us our trespasses,
  • As we pardon the individuals who trespass against us.
  • Also, lead us not into allurement,
  • Be that as it may, convey us from detestable.
  • For Thine is the Kingdom, what’s more, the power, what’s more, the magnificence until the end of time. So be it.

All of our pendants and jewelry boxes have gifts of these verses and these bible prayers. Contact us to get more beautiful and attractive gift ideas.


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