The Important Of Baby Carriage And Child Car Seat Hygiene

As a parent you realize there are some items that are not only necessary for your little one but also take off a lot of load off your back. For many mothers it is great relief to have these items as you won’t have to be carrying your baby all the time. Things like strollers and baby car seats make travelling much easier for parents. But without mincing words, kids can get really messy and hence the need for parents to be keen on hygiene.

Cleanliness can give you a peace of mind, knowing that germs are dangerous for your kids. And because these items are extensively used and need proper maintenance, it is important to know how to thoroughly clean them. Cleanliness will ensure safety for your baby, considering that baby carriage easily become breeding areas for harmful germs.

Importance Of Cleaning The Stroller And The Baby Car Seat

Without proper hygiene, the stroller can turn out to be a source of illnesses and discomfort. Hence cleaning the stroller or car seat regularly is another way of taking care of your baby’s health. A clean car seat will ensure that your baby does not contract skin rashes and avoidable infections.

Babies have low immunity and this means they can easily contract illnesses when exposed to germs. Instead of waiting to treat illnesses or infections you can easily prevent, maintain good hygiene.

How To Keep The Stroller Clean And Safe For Your Baby

The stroller or the baby carriage usually come with several parts assembled together to form the item; meaning that even cleaning it needs time and attention. . The following are steps to clean dirty strollers and baby car seats for the health of the baby:

  • First step is to find an area away from children because you will be handling dust and lint.
  • The careful read the product manual for instructions on how to clean individual parts.
  • Remove the fabric components to clean them.
  • Only wipe the metal parts with a damp cloth to avoid corrosion.
  • Use a vacuum to remove dust and lint so as to make cleaning easier.
  • Next separate the foam and the fabric to clean but don’t throw the foam into the washing machine.
  • If fabric is not machine-washable, then soak it for 15 mins to loosen stubborn dirt. Later gently scrub to remove stains.
  • Do not use too much detergent or fabric softeners because they may irritate baby’s skin.
  • Stroller fabric should be air dried to prevent damage by dryer.
  • Clean the parts properly including the plastic areas before drying.
  • After drying them, reassemble the parts back and grease the wheels before using again.

Remember, these items can accumulate a lot of dirt, mostly from spills, crumbs and dust. Despite this, cleaning should not be done weekly as it easily wears out. You can wipe it clean every now and then, but wash it thoroughly after every two weeks or so. It is also very essential to read the manual for directions on what is recommended to clean the stroller or car seat.

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