The top benefits of a raincoat over an umbrella.

A raincoat is a water-resistant or waterproof coat made of synthetic material worn to protect one from getting wet in the rainy season. Raincoats come in different sizes and designs giving one the freedom to choose according to their size and taste.

Keeps you hands-free.

The main advantage of a raincoat over an umbrella is that it keeps your hands unoccupied unlike in the case of a while one of your hands is always upright protecting you from the downpour a raincoat provides you with mobility and functionality to work as you please without causing any hindrance.

A raincoat is easy to handle

When wind flow is healthy and in the opposite direction, it becomes difficult to hold an umbrella upright and it tends to drop or break under the wind force. A raincoat however sticks to your body and no amount of wind force can blow it off as it is strapped to your body. The best example is to see weather reporters reporting directly from the field donning a raincoat as opposed to an umbrella. This is for two reasons as a raincoat allows them the hold the microphone while also keeping them dry from the heavy downpour.

A raincoat is much lighter than an umbrella.

An umbrella is made up of rigid materials that are difficult to bend or break, however, come at a particular weight. Additionally, the larger the umbrella gets the more it weighs. It also occupies more space as compared to a raincoat that can be folded and kept in a much smaller space than an umbrella.

 Raincoats last longer.

Umbrellas come with a button mechanism which over time can degrade or rust and break or get stuck. Raincoats however are made using plastic or synthetic materials which do not rust or wear easily. in the unlikely event of the material getting torn by a sharp object both the umbrella and the raincoat are similar in their ability to withstand the tear.

The more fashionable choice.

In this age of fashion-conscious individuals, people tend to follow a certain style that is ever-evolving which has made the umbrella somewhat old-school. Granted if you are trying to pull off a look of the 90s you will rock a three-piece with an umbrella but that’s all. In the modern-day individuals tend to go after something that is not as bland as an umbrella, turning their heads towards a raincoat.

Easier to store.

Thanks to research and technology today we have fabrics that dry very quickly and can be stored without having to worry about getting the backpack wet. Another mind-blowing technological advancement is the achievement of splash-proof coating that prevents liquids and dirt from reaching the under-layer keeping the individual’s attire crisp dry.


While people tend to incline the raincoat mainly because of the benefits that come along an umbrella is not a total waste either. While an umbrella can at times of need be used for more than one person a raincoat fails to do so.


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