How to wear pink

It’s not often that a colour such as pink sweeps the men’s fashion scene, but it’s a useful highlight colour that when paired with navy, denim, khaki, dark grey or white can give an outfit a twist of continental chic or a modern, sporty style.

It may seem an eccentric colour choice, but following these tips on how to sport pink tones will help you comfortably fit it into your wardrobe.

Pink shirts

A smart suit with a flash of a pink shirt underneath is the classic way to wear this colour in a way that is anything but feminine. A salmon pink shirt worn with a navy suit has become a modern power-dressing staple.

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Head to toe

According to Fashion Beans, wearing pink shows a confident character. Going top-to-toe in pink with a suit, shirt and shoe combination is probably not a choice many of us would make, but for those with the confidence to wear it, a pink linen suit would make you stand out on a special occasion.

How about pairing a pink pullover with pink cargo pants to bring a military feel to this colour?

Pair it

Flashes of bright pink socks, a pocket square or a belt are easy ways to start trying pink in your wardrobe, with plenty of accessories available in rosy tones.

A pink cotton jumper worn with denim jeans brings a touch of smart to an otherwise casual staple. Pink shouldn’t always mean pale, with darker reddish tones and fruity hues suiting many different hair colours who might otherwise feel a bit washed out by lighter pink shades.

Pair flashes of pink in a patterned t-shirt with trousers in a complementary colour and experiment with accessories to give your look an edge of sport, dandy or workwear – whatever floats your boat.

Tied up

One of the most popular ways to wear pink is to tie it in with a pink tie. Whether you are considering it for work or for a formal event, setting the knot against a white shirt will show why blokes can wear blush without looking anything other than macho and stylish.

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