Fashion is like a vast battleground, and you face a large variety of different options and opportunities. There are so many variations to everything. You can explore around and be who you are and so much more than that. Fashion doesn’t have any limit, nor a full stop. Do you want pink hair? Great, hit the salon. Do you want to get your belly button pierced? I support. Be it blues, pinks, neons, purples, sequins or glitter; you have a billion options for everything and anything. There are different fabrics, different color combinations, different cuts and styles, and so on.

However, the battlefield may be vast, but like any other war, fashion does have some rules. Yes, you can explore around and try new things, but there is no guarantee of the final product looking nice. Your pink hair might be too shocking for you to like. Your belly button piercing might be too small or too big or too painful and uncomfortable. Thus, you need to keep in mind that with everything that you do, there is a series of dos and don’ts involved. You want the final look to be amazing and one of its kind. You don’t want it to be disastrous, and this applies on everything; leather jackets, high waisted jeans, and so on. Following are the dos and don’ts of high waisted jeans.


Let us start with the don’ts of wearing high waisted jeans. Your outfit might be expensive and cost you heavy bills. It might be from chic brands like Gucci, Chanel, and so on. It might be lined with fur or decorated with sequins. Whatever perk it might have, none of it would matter if it doesn’t have the right fitting and measurements to it

Ill-fitting shirts, jeans and jackets are a big no-no in the fashion world. So, don’t wear high waisted jeans that are loose on the legs or too tight that you cannot even sit and the awkwardness of your outfit is visible to everyone out there. If it is too loose, your outfit gets a final look of being messy and untidy. It gives it a rough informal look that isn’t always a good thing unless you are going for it. If it is too tight, your body looks crammed into the pants and gives your outfit the idea of you trying too hard. There is always the idea of being uncomfortable in ill-fitting clothes so, wear high waisted jeans that fit you like a dream.


Every clothing item in the fashion industry comes with a purpose when it is stitched. It might vary from the set purpose slightly but not too much. Explore around with it but don’t let it wander away too much from it. Pantsuits are made to be worn as formal attire and be paired like it. Denim shorts are made to be carried naturally and casually.

Similarly, high waisted jeans are made to give a chic and trendy look. Thus, you need to wear it accordingly. Wear smart chic tops on top of them. Don’t wear too revealing tops and necklines on it. Don’t wear clothing items that have a revealing fabric such as mesh and thin chiffon.

Wear presentable, smart silk tops with nice fitting. Pair it up with such a top that the final look gives you a very sleek, chic and elegant look. It would help you stand out among your peers.


High waisted jeans give you a tall and slender look. They give shape to your legs and make you look like you have a model figure. Thus, we must not hinder its purpose. Rather, we should aid it by wearing tucked in tops

Tucked in tops enhance the function of the jeans by not covering the waistline so it can be shown in its full glory. Be it a white tucked-in silk top over black high waisted jeans or a checkered dress shirt or a white plain tee shirt in high waisted blue jeans, and you can never go wrong with tucked-in tops. Pair them up nicely by wearing chunky statement belts or necklaces over the silk tops.


Like crop tops aid the purpose of the high waisted jeans by not hiding your waistline and the chunky belts add a little flair and statement to your outfit, overcoats come in handy too. Overcoats act like the perfect cherry on the top of your outfit.

It gives you a very formal and trendy look as if you are ready to hit the ramp walk. Make a contract with your long overcoat over your tucked in shirt. Play with different lengths and create a statement. Long overcoats enhance your outfit. They make you seem taller and highlight your waistline and your tops as well. Overcoats are the perfect end to your outfit.


No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Your outfit might be perfect, but with the wrong shoes or bag, you might ruin it all. Here are the dos and don’ts of how to accessorize your high waisted jeans. Statement belts have already been discussed. Let us now move onto jewelry. Wear pendants and smart wristwatches. You can also go with wrist bands but nothing too extra. Let your outfit have the limelight. If you are carrying the jeans formally, top them off with a pair of hoops.

A lot of shoes can go with high waisted jeans. Depending on your look. Wear sandal heels for a formal look. You can even go with stilettos. If you are opting for a casual look, go with chunky sneakers of low loafers. Normal converse and sneakers can also work. Wear satchel bags with a casual look or carry a beaded clutch with the formal one. Whatever you choose, make it statement-y. It would suit you.


You can create a lot of looks with high waisted jeans if you keep the basic rules of what to do and what not to do in mind. Follow these dos and don’ts and keep them in mind and then you are good with whatever choice you go for with your jeans. Mix and match. Create combinations. Mix dark colors with light ones: mix different fabrics; leather and chiffon, jeans and plaids. Carry a heavily embellished clutch with a simple formal look. Top off your look with a bold red lip over an otherwise natural face. Wear heavy lashes. Explore around your opportunities till you land upon something comfortable and until you like what you see in the mirror.

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