Our hair is made up of a protein named keratin, lipids, pigments, and minerals. To get the desired hair color people use hair dye. Everyone wants to have healthy and shiny hair, but the strength and health of our hair depend on how we take care of ourselves. Many factors cause hair breakage, such as poor diet, dryness, heat, stress, over-washing, hypothyroidism, over-processing, and smoking, etc.

  1. Don’t Over-Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair with a shampoo every day can be harsh because they are made to strip away the grime and dirt from our hair and scalp. The scalp has a sebaceous gland, which produces essential natural oils. Over-washing leads to stripping our hair and scalp from not only dirt but natural oils, making a hair dry and brittle. Even if you have greasy or oily hair, make sure to shampoo thrice a week. Over-washing your hair can lead to damaged hair and becomes difficult to style your hair. Environment and genetics also play a role in hair damage. Sebum production also depends on age, and this production amount greatly affects the fragility of the hair. Sebum production in straight hair is more and needs frequent hair. People with fragile hair should wash their hair less and never use harsh products. Straight, wavy and curly are some types of hair. Sweat, heat and dirt need to be washed every day, wash it with just water and skip shampooing. It’s a personal choice to use certain products if it suits your skin go for it.

  1. Don’t Over-Process Your Hair

Hair is said to be “over-processed” when frequent processing leads to your hair damage. Aggressive processing is when you are heat styling, blow-drying without using a heat protectant, bleaching, or dying, and using chemical relaxers repeatedly. The chemicals that we use to dye our hair weaken our hair and causing dryness problems.  Also, do not use hot tools on wet hair because the damage is to a great extent. There are some hair damage and hair loss conditions that are irreversible, if it’s genetic, there are fewer chances of hair repair. The growth of hair follicles stops when they are repeatedly over-processed.

Don’t Take Hot Showers

Hot showers sound amazing when its winters, but it is not good for our hair. The natural oils get washed away, causing dandruff, and this leads to the production of more oil by the scalp. Hot showers can make your hair rough and frizzy, oil your hair if you have taken a hot shower. Your scalp will be flaky and eventually dry up, causing hair loss. Lukewarm water is the best for hair wash.

  1. Don’t avoid trimming

While growing long hair, we end up having split-ends. It is better to get trimming once in a while to get rid of them. This way, the split-ends won’t travel farther up the hair shaft. Less trimming seriously damaged hair ends, and styling becomes difficult. Trimming is a way for preparing your hair for a good growth rate and less hair breakage. You should trim your hair once in a while and get rid of damaged hair.

  1. Don’t Over-Use Products

For longer and smoother hair, we sometimes over-use a product. Each hair product mentions what the precise amount of usage for our hair is. By not following the instructions, we may damage the hair, and it will either be too oily or too dry. Regular use of styling products can be harmful, and the chemicals build up on your scalp and cause irritation. Irritation leads to hair and skin damage. Replace these products with some organic oils, soap and shampoo. You can use styling products and homemade products in a cycle to keep a balance. Thermal damage can easily harm your hair, it’s a slow process, and excessive exposure to heat can show negative results.

  1. Don’t Brush Your Hair From The Root

Brushing your hair properly a few times is very important. If you brush from the root, then it can cause hair breakage. The correct technique is to start at the ends, and with each stroke, begin going towards your root. Also, excessive hair brushing is not considered and may get worse if your hair is wet because they are more fragile. Get a soft and wide brush if you have sensitive hair; the quality of the comb also matters in this case. Also brush your hair before going to bed, this way your hair will stay untangled.

  1. Don’t Skip Good Diet

Our hair is made of protein. So we need to incorporate more protein products into our diet for healthy hair. For faster growth, we also need to add minerals and vitamins to our diet. Protein helps our body to build new hair cells, and poor diet means lack of protein to build new hair to replace the old ones. It leads to baldness in men and women. Iron deficiency in women can also lead to hair damage and loss, make sure to add iron to your diet.  Vitamin B is important for hair growth, and if your body is lacking in any of these vitamins, you will need supplements and a good diet.

  1. Don’t Stress Out And Quit Smoking

Trauma and stress can lead to hair damage, and the body puts its energy towards dealing with this stressful phase. A large number of hair follicles are put to rest during the trauma, and this gets worse with the use of styling products and thermal contact. In some cases, the body’s immune system gets attacked, and it damages the hair follicles. Unusual hair loss needs proper medication, and you should consult your doctor immediately. Don’t stress out and meditate to relax your mind. During this stage, brushing your hair frequently can also be very risky, as the already weak and damaged follicles need rest and care. Smoking directly does not cause hair damage or hair loss. Smoking hits your immune system’s functionality, and in result, it causes hair damage. When you smoke, your blood flow becomes restricted, your scalp will get minimum blood flow, and fewer nutrients reach your hair. And this will cause hair loss; this calls for stubbing out your cigarette. Cutting back on any of these vitamins and food has a very big disadvantage.


The quality of hair depends on external as well as internal elements. Harsh environmental conditions are bad for your hair and unavailability of healthy nutrients equally effects it. Give rest to your body, and it will produce the necessary elements for healthy hair growth.

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