7 Things You Should Do Before Applying Makeup

Prepping your skin first is crucially important. It will hold your makeup longer and not give you a patchy uneven facial look. If you don’t want your hours of makeup skills to go to waste than below are several steps you would need to follow to get your skin ready for an ideal makeup application.


Before you start off anything, remember that cruelty-free makeup should always be applied on clean skin for better application. Which means that your first step in prepping your skin should be to cleanse the surface of your skin.

When choosing a face wash, it’s crucial to remember that you should get a face wash that suits your skin type. If not, you might end up doing your skin more damage than anything good.

If you have oily skin, try to go for a foam or gel face wash. It will effectively get rid of dirt and excess oil without causing any irritation to your skin. If you have dry skin, apply cream-based cleansers. They will get rid of facial impurities and at the same time give a boost to your skins hydration levels. If you have both skin types –oily and dry- look into cleaners that are specifically made to tackle such skin types.


Even after you have removed the dirt and impurities away with a cleaner, you might still notice some flaky patches on your skin. Those are your dead cells, and if you don’t want your makeup to look cakey, exfoliation is the best solution to avoid mishaps in your makeup look.

There are two ways you can exfoliate your skin. One way is to use a soft and damp washcloth. When applying cleanser, rub the washcloth gently across your face in circular motions and then wash your face with lukewarm water. Wash the cloth as well if you plan to use it again; otherwise, you will be rubbing off old bacteria on your skin again in the next use.

Then there is an exfoliator scrub. They contain ingredients that help to get rid of dead cells completely and the same as a face wash, and it is also important to consider which type of exfoliator you should pick for your skin. Ideally, you should get the exfoliator scrubs that have circular shaped granules. Any other irregular shaped one would be risky as there is a chance they can tear and damage your skin.

Use a Toner

The last step that comes when you are cleaning your skin is to apply a toner. The purpose of a toner is to make sure that no makeup, impurities or dead cells are left behind even after you apply your toner.

Toners are crucial to making sure your skin is perfectly clean, especially for people with oily skins as impurities tend to stick longer on oily skin rather than on dry skin. All you need to is to use a cotton pad or cotton ball and put a few drops of toner on it.

Make sure the cotton pad does not have any patterns so that this way, your skin is safe from the risk of getting irritated. Also, choose a toner that doesn’t have alcohol as one of its ingredients because it can make your skin very dry.

Don’t rub the toner filled cotton pad on your skin. All you have to do is to swipe it across your face simply. You will notice that there will be some leftover dirt or makeup left onto your cotton pad after this.

Focus Under the Eyes

There is one step that people often miss out when it comes to prepping the skin- and that is to take special care under your eyes.

The skin under our eyes is soft and delicate. To prep them, you would need serums and creams specifically meant for under your eyes. Serums are great for sensitive and dry skin. The ingredients present in it can seal your skins moisture levels, keep your skin hydrated and smoothen it down as well.

Another important step is to apply eye cream under your eyes. They hydrate your skin while also work to even out your skin tone. This will reduce your eye bag look and make you appear more awake. Make sure to apply the serum and eye cream before any moisturizer.

Hydrate Skin

Once the toner and serum have dried, it’s time to increase the hydration in your face through the use of a moisturizer.

It doesn’t matter if you have oily or dry skin, using a moisturizer is important nonetheless. You can rub a layer of moisturizer on your face. Or you can simply pat it onto your face instead of rubbing. This way, the moisturizer can penetrate deeper into your skin cells to replenish them.

Choose a thicker face cream if your skin is very dry so that it remains moist throughout the day. If your face is constantly going through acne issues or breakouts, get moisturizers that have low oil content present in them.

Keep Your Lips Moist

If you think you can apply lipstick right after this step and look flawless as ever, you are quite further away from the truth. In reality, your lips can always use extra moisture even after you have applied all the above tips.

If you are planning to wear a matte lipstick, know that they are more likely to show the dryness and flakiness of your lips. Use a lip balm or scrub to enhance the moisture of your skin. However, don’t immediately apply your lipstick after that.

If you do so, you will smudge both the lip balm and lipstick together, and the moisture wouldn’t properly work this way. Your lip balm needs time to soak into your skin and maintain the moisture of your lips. It’s best to apply lip balm the night before. Or if you are in a hurry, do this step first before anything else so that by the time you are ready to apply makeup, the lip balm would have soaked in for a good while.

Apply Primer

Finally, the last part of prepping your face is to put on primer. A primer has several functions. It acts as a barrier to keep your natural face moisture not get mixed up with your makeup. It also helps to smoothen down your skin and create the perfect base for your makeup.

Try silicone-based primers. They can reduce the creases and cover your pores for a flawless foundation application. For dry skin, try primers that work to bring out the glow of your skin.  If you have oily skin, try mattifying primers to hold in the excessive oil. For acne-prone skin, try a green primer to cover up the redness.


Makeup is considered as the go-to thing for girls. Having the perfect makeup look isn’t only achieved by mastering your makeup brush strokes. You need to do more than that- and that’s to prep your skin first. We have provided you with some of the best tips so that you can dazzle any event.

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