A Complete Guide For Casual Kilt For Men

The kilt is the national dress of Scotland but it popular al around the world. There is a common perception that kilts can only be worn at formal occasions such as weddings, balls, and graduation, etc. But the fact is kilts have a place in just about any situation. Be it a family gathering or a lazy day around; you can wear a kilt with confidence. A casual kilt helps you look fashion-forward and makes you feel comfortable all the time. So, wear them as daily attire or at an informal event you would look great.

When you should wear a kilt:

People who live in Scotland or have any connection with the Scottish culture wear a kilt with pride and honor. You can also rock a kilt no matter you have Scottish ancestors or not. Causal kilts are perfect for the occasions when you need a little extra freedom of movement. It is made from breathable cotton, so you do not feel uncomfortable while wearing it. It is available in different colors so that you can choose your favorite one to look different in the upcoming family gathering.

What to wear with a casual kilt?

Since kilt is the traditional dress, so it looks great when you wear it with all the accessories. But if you are wearing it at a casual event, then you do not need to wear it. It is perfect for less formal occasions, so it will look great even without kilt pins, hose, and sgian dubh, etc. But there is no and fast rule if you want to wear something with a casual kilt then you can.

There is a wide range of styling options when it comes to wearing a less formal kilt. You can wear it with any argyle or tweed kilt jacket. But make sure that you buy the right fit.

You should wear a collarless shirt with this less formal kilt. It would be great if you wear a shirt that compliments the tartan for a more stylish look.

Can non-scots wear kilts?

True scots wear kilts, and it has been a part of Scottish cu8lture for centuries. But can a non-scot also wear a kilt? Kilts are popular all over the world, and people wear it no matter they have a connection with Scotland or not. But it is necessary to bear in mind that it is a sacred dress for scots so non-scots should wear it with respect. There is a plethora of information available on the internet about kilts, so you should learn about this highland dress before wearing it.


So, if you want to give a kilt a try, then order the Best Utility kilt now. Wearing a less formal kilt at a family gathering will make you look different yet stylish. Casual kilts look prefect with ghillie boots. Wear a kilt hose that matches with the tartan you are wearing.

Instead of wearing regular pants, wear less formal kilts for freedom of movement.

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