Top 5 Fashion Trends To Follow In 2020

Fashion is one of the main aspects of a person’s personality. Your wardrobe and dressing sense says a lot about your lifestyle. You should not stay at home just because you do not have any new clothes to wear. Firstly, let us talk about the basic requirement of a person which are:

  • Nice and appropriate clothes can help boost your confidence
  • All we want is to remain cozy and comfortable as well as following the fashion trends.
  • Keeping up to date for the fashion world

It may be hard to say goodbye to several clothes you love previously, but it is always a great pleasure in welcoming new trends and designs. These new trends and designs are highly available in every magazine. You can always match these trends with different outfits by following many bloggers and vloggers. Accessories of the outfit also have a great weightage when it comes to complete dressing. These can be shoes, caps, gloves and much more. There are many online stores nowadays from where you can get all these requirements easily. One of them can be online shoes Australia, which are much preferred by people around the world due to its high-quality. To get all the compliments, here are five trends for staying fashionable and high toned. So here are they:


You might have seen variations in sleeves on runaways or fashion shows. Sleeves are the elegant part of one’s clothes. It can range from making you look romantic, voluminous, dramatic or dominated. So when you need an extra touch to your clothes, try considering sleeves that match your mood. Do not forget to match your sleeves with a pair of boots to make you look gorgeous.

  • Puffy sleeves

This special type of sleeves is voluminous. These sheer sleeves are chic and sexy at the same time. Many people who are obsessed always consider wearing puffy sleeves so that their hands do not look fat and unhealthy.

  • Lantern sleeves

A type of long sleeves with two sections inserted in tithe top portion of the sleeve is a bit flare, and the bottom part has a fitting wrist. There can be variations for the long lantern and short lantern sleeves.

  • Long bell sleeves

There are many occasions in which you want to look like a ballerina, so these sleeves are for you. This sleeve is a full flare at the hem, giving it a bell look shape. Also, short bell sleeves are available with are elbow lengthen.


Blazer reflects the profession look to layer in style. The most common feature of the blazer is that you can wear it whole year-round. During some year’s blazer has evolved into many different styles to dress with the desired outfits of your choice. It is mostly used for a casual outing with a friend or meeting office.

  • Cape blazer

This type of blazer has cut sleeves. It is the latest trend and the new gaga of fashion nowadays. You can wear a cape blazer with a formal button-down shirt, formal pants or a dress.

  • Waterfall blazer

It gives your dress an excruciating touch and makes you look bold and young like waterfall and waves. It comes in many sizes and depts. To match with your outfit, especially in the spring or fall season.

  • Lace blazer

It usually comes with a sophisticated touch for your beauty as well as a feminine look. You can wear it both formal and rock on for casual outings. It comes with heavy lace blazer and light lace blazer.


Sweatshirts are the most common type of wear. The sweatshirt is a cotton or polyester garment lined with different materials such as fleece, wool, and flannel. Sweatshirts exclusively are known to be more of casual attire. Sweatshirts can be a pullover or may have a zipper in front.

  • Hooded sweatshirts

How great it is that you can find both the combination of hoodie and sweatshirt in one. They are perfect for your jogging or workout attire. This hoodie is a perfect choice and a style caller.

  • Hobo sweatshirts

Hobo sweatshirts come with raw edge details and are asymmetric in shape. It looks very formal because this type of sweatshirt does not have cuffs, which makes it look a unique and perfect mix of fashion.

  • Crop top sweatshirts

For a young hippy look, and as well as eye-catching, crop tops are suitable for your wardrobe. It is a great addition to flaunt the figure impeccably.


If you are more of a winter person but want to look elegant with your formal or floral dresses, yes, cardigans are for you. Cardigans are a type of open sweaters made up of heavy wool which are knee-length. It is a good option for brunch time due to its essence.

  • Open cardigans

Open cardigans are with an open front, which is best if you want to show your outfit. Open cardigans can differ in terms of necklines. You can choose this cardigan and match with your stocking, jeans, tops and much more.

  • Cardigan vests

If the day is moderate, but you still feel a little bit cold, cardigan vests are best for you, also to show your flawless skin or sleeves.


A coat is a longer garment that is a hip-length or longer. It makes you stand out in the crowd.

  • Pea coat

A pea coat is different in its way because it has shoulder epaulettes and contains a black belt to maintain your body figure and shape. It looks fascinating when wearing jeans and it is best if you want your clothes to hug you. A pea coat is considered more versatile than any other coat.

  • Cape coat

A cape coat is a bit flare and loose, which is good for you if you are not feeling like wearing anything skin-tight. It is comfortable and chic and the best alternative for a jacket.


Moreover, beads are preferred by Africans, and head wraps by middle eastern men, and plaits by Americans. Keeping this in mind, trends are changing now and then, but a person should not forget its own cultures and traditional dresses. Along with the trends, always try fashion in which you are comfortable and easy-going. As your beauty is defined where your comfort starts.

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