8001 Best bottoms to wear under a bodysuit

Drop the shirt and let your bodysuit show! Far from its lingerie connotation, the bodysuit has become more accepted and is now worn as a top in its own way.

More recently, women attributed the body to the category of underwear, which you can’t show in public. But in our time, the rules have become less stringent, and the girls more relaxed. Now you can wear a pretty bodysuit anywhere – we see it in parks, stores and collections of fashion designers.

In order to understand what caused such popularity, you need to understand the history of this wardrobe item. In most people, the body is associated primarily with gymnastics, and for a good reason. It was the gymnasts and dancers who first appeared in such a dress in public in the middle of the last century.

This element of clothing became widespread in the eighties of the last century when aerobics classes became fashionable. This sport attracted European and American housewives, who, of course, could not do without buying a stylish outfit for doing household chores.

At the same time, along with the sports-type bodysuit, lace products, which belonged exclusively to the category of underwear, were also popular. And now, after several decades of existence, the body gets a second chance to become one of the trendiest gizmos. This happens in 2010 when representatives of the fashion house Prada introduce it to their summer collection.

The new trend was quickly picked up by celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears, who replenished their concert outfits with stylish bodysuits. And already after them, this piece of clothing began to be worn by fashionistas from all over the world. Now the body is still in trend, although many still have not figured out what and how to wear it.

Why wear a bodysuit?

With its style, the bodysuit looks like a swimsuit. The only difference is the fastener between the legs, which facilitates the dressing process. It is for the sake of convenience that most girls buy body. After all, wearing it, you will be sure that the top tucked into jeans or a skirt does not need to be constantly adjusted.

How to wear and where to wear

One of the main questions that girls are asked after buying a bodysuit is whether to wear panties underneath. It is impossible to answer it in monosyllables. Choose an option in which you will feel comfortable. The only case in which the panties will be superfluous is a transparent body used as erotic underwear. If you want to learn more about how to wear a bodysuit, click here.

What to wear with bodysuit?

You should not use the bodysuit as an independent wardrobe item, imitating the shocking stars. A body can very well become part of a stylish look if you add it with the right things that will make it less defiant.

With shorts

If you have a good figure, you can try to adopt the “star” style and complement the body shorts. The perfect fit of the body to the body focuses on the features of your figure. Short shorts will allow you to demonstrate long legs and mouth-watering hips. If desired, you can wear a chiffon blouse or a cotton shirt on top.

Also, when creating your bow, you can pay attention to high-waisted shorts, which are now at the peak of popularity.

Under jeans

The absolutely universal combination is jeans and body. Stylists provide complete freedom of choice because the body can be worn under any jeans. The perfect tandem is a tight bodysuit and skinny jeans. Pick up high-heeled shoes to match your jeans, and your legs will look even longer and your look more spectacular.

The combination of a body with wide jeans or boyfriends will make the upper less voluminous, and the figure more fragile. Do not be afraid to use such a kit not only in everyday bows but also in evening looks. To look more elegant, choose a body with an interesting finish, for example, leather or guipure accents, embroidery or a corset.

With skirt

You will look incredibly feminine when wearing a body with a skirt. Such a tandem will emphasize all the necessary bends, making the image extremely sexy. If such an image does not suit you, and you want to look more restrained and businesslike, choose a strict pencil skirt, and wear a shortened jacket or fitted jacket over your body.

The combination of a body with a skirt on the floor looks interesting. If you choose shades that combine well with each other, you can get an outfit that will compete in showiness with an evening dress.

You can also wear a tulip skirt with a bodysuit. In this outfit, you can even appear at the workplace with a lax dress code, especially if you pick up a calm color scheme, avoiding neon colors and challenging prints.

Popular models


Elegant lace bodysuit has been popular for a long period of time. For its manufacture, most often, a translucent stretch is used, which looks very voluptuous on the female body.

If earlier a bodysuit of this type was used only as an underwear, now this frank wardrobe item is actively used to create frank outfits. For these purposes, you can choose a body of any shades. However, many prefer the classics, i.e. shades of beige and black. Based on them, the easiest way to create a full and interesting bow.

We also recommend looking at models with a neckline. It can be either classic round or asymmetric. In addition to the usual neckline cutouts, models with an open back are also popular, which allow you to demonstrate the grace of a figure. For girls who can’t boast of magnificent breasts, it is better to choose a body with a high neck.

To make sure the translucent lace bodysuit doesn’t look vulgar, pick up the right bra for it. It is better than its surface is smoother, and the color matches the tone of your skin.


Tips for choosing the right underwear are also relevant for a transparent bodysuit because such an outfit looks even more revealing.


This type of body is best for sports. On its basis, you can also create everyday images in which you will feel very comfortable. Turtlenecks are usually made from thin plain knitwear.

Body shirt

For the summer, you can choose such a convenient option as a body shirt. This style looks especially good with short shorts.

With long sleeves

The long-sleeved bodysuit can be a good substitute for blouses and turtlenecks. It should ideally fit the figure, as the thin fabric will emphasize the slightest imperfections. The quality of the product is also important. Be sure to pay attention to how carefully the seams are made. Ideally, in addition to polyester and stretch, which allow the body to stretch, adjusting to the figure, there should be cotton or microfiber.

Common colors


Classical models, which can be observed in the wardrobe of dancers and acrobats, were originally made in black. This color is still considered the most versatile and practical. The black body is also good because, due to the color and style, it will visually slim the figure.


White models are not far behind in popularity. The white top looks good in summer bows, combining equally well with all other colors. The winning combination is white and lace. Such a combo looks very delicate and elegant.


Another summer trend is the strip, which causes associations with the sea and relaxation. The pinstriped bodysuit goes well with other things, even with prints. Try complementing it with a white linen skirt on the floor or light cotton chinos – and get the perfect summer outfit. In the cool season, it will go well with trousers or jeans.

With print

The models decorated with various prints are still relevant. The most popular is still bestial. Coloring under the skin of a leopard or zebra will add a piquant and originality to the fitted top.


The bodysuit is an interesting and trendy outfit worthy of your attention. Choose a suitable style, color and texture and create many interesting images on its basis!

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