Top 5 Rules of Dressing up Everyone Should Follow

Dressing up is an art and needs to learn by everyone. This is the reality and we cannot disagree with the fact that dress is the first thing we notice whenever we are meeting someone either for the first time or regularly. Additionally, it is not just dressed one take notice of but the way one carries is equally important. How a girl is tying her hair? Either his jacket button is open or not? Which color contrast one is wearing? Which accessories one is combining with the dress? Which kind of shoes one is wearing? And so much more!

Because there are set rules for each dress like realisation clothing. And everyone needs to follow all these rules. If someone ignores any of these little details they might end up running the whole look and money they have spent buying the expensive dress. Have you noticed the looks of Oscars? Even one little odd earring making the actress looking out of place and degrading the whole look! This is why one should take care of all these little things and teach themselves how to dress. If you are dull and not having so much time to spend on these activities then take a look at our list and make your game strong.

You need to learn following dressing hacks to look uber cool and perfect!

Basic Dos and Don’ts:

1- Your jackets should be buttoned up

For all the guys out there, if you are planning to wear a tuxedo or jacket then please make sure that you are wearing it with proper style. Your tie should always be in contrast, the middle button should always be closed, the tie should always be of a certain size, not too long, not too short but just a little above the belt. Also, if you wanted your jacket to be closed then tie all the three buttons but make sure the event is formal, otherwise you will look overdressed.

2- Deep Neck or Boat Neck

For all the girls, make sure if your dress is knee-length only then it has a deep-down neck. On the other is short then it should have a boat neck or small neck. In this way, it will look stylish yet elegant. However, if you do the opposite then it will not only make you look vulgar but also end the whole style of the dress.

3- Tie or No Tie

Tie or knot is the most basic element of any formal dress. Some guys are too fond of wearing bow tie or knot that they ignore the fact that sometimes there is no necessity. If you are not wearing any jacket or coat then go for a complete simple look and minus the tie from your accessories. Because it looks weird and a complete fashion faux pas to wear bow tie or knot on a flat office shirt. It does not add much to the look and makes you look like an odd one out.

4- Long Neck or Small

For office shirts, girls should make sure that their neck is not too deep. Because in this way it will not only look a little vulgar but also make your personality look a little casual. On the other hand, office shirts are supposed to make you look formal but with a little mistake, your whole look will become casual and funky.

5- Button or no button

Closing all the buttons to the top is a big no-no. On the other hand, opening too much button will also ruin your look. Try to be in between and open only two or maximum up to three buttons. Because this is how it is supposed to be and will look right by considering these points as well:

a). Choose colors rightly

The color of the shirt or blouse, pants, trousers, knot or jewelry should be in line with each other. All colors should have a perfect combination. Such as if you are wearing blue pants then make sure your shirt is not yellow or pink. Moreover, if you are wearing a black skirt then make sure your blouse is white, off white or in some light shade.

b). Make sure to remove all the tags

Sometimes people forget to cut the tags from their clothes and wear them as it is. It is a big mistake and someone can notice it. It will not only make you look weird but cast a personality judgment about yourself too. So make sure to detach all the tags from the outside of your clothes and save yourself from getting into any awkward chat.

c). Simple is better

Do not go with too much! Because simple is better. Being simple means that you do not have to go in too much detail and have to choose accessories just according to an event or gathering. If you are planning to wear an office shirt then do not combine it with any necklace or pendant because it will look a little weird and does not look right.

d). Printed or plain

Prints are in! Especially animal printed suits and clothes are always associated with being chic and classy. But no matter how great fan you are and how much you love printed clothes make sure that the prints are not so big and are in contrast with some plain fabric. Such as if you are wearing a printed shirt then opt for plain pants it will make you look more balanced and classy.

e). Sleeves or no sleeves

Sleeves and strap shirts are so much in. But you need to make sure that it is not the thin strap shirt but broader enough to cover your shoulders. Especially if you are going for a formal office look. Strap shirts will look great with palazzo and can be a great option for beach parties and indoor casual gatherings.


These are the simple hacks one should know of and make themselves learned at. Because if you are ignoring all these little facts then you may ruin your whole dress and end up standing awkward and weird.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your time dressing and cheering up!

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