7 things to expect from your tattoo artists

Tattoos are a kind of trendy designs that individuals love to draw on their skins, but they require a professional artist for such a task. The tattoo is a bodysuit depicting different stories on different bodies. Providin5-star services, authentic/ink is one of the prestigious and licensed places in Australia to get the tattoo done on the body. For a tattoo to be engraved in a body, there are various ways, including needle and ink way that is as old as the art is. The people who are expert in tattoo making are called artists of tattoo making. These are permanent body marks done through simple pigmentation tattoo is called pricking while there can be colors added to it too.

It is considered as body art and has a history behind it. Tattoos historically have been used for different purposes, including differentiating criminals by their types in Japan. Egyptianhaveas also used this type of creativity on their bodies in the past in 4000 BC. Tattoo design is called flash that can be chosen from the place of the tattoo artist, or sometimes people bring the design of their own. This sometimes is in the memory of some loved one, to show the hard struggle of life or any sign that inspire a person. This was banned all over in Europe due to the teachings of Christianity in which body is considered as a temple and keeping it clean is a religious goal. The tattoo word itself came from Tahiti language in the late 1970s by James Crook in the age of discovery. Tattoo now days sometimes is just a symbol of fashion. It is quite popular in the upper elite and middle class too in European states. The trend is recently being followed again in the southern part of the world as well. China is the state where the culture is still not common. Hence tattooing the body in different ways is cultural and common too varying on the areas a person lives. Designs of tattoos show belonging, anger, attitude, likings and sometimes addiction too. This, therefore, can also be labeled as a self-expression of the person having a tattoo.

Expectations from the tattoo artist

  1. A tattoo artist should be certified from the authentic and independent inspection company of the state. Preference is given to the artist who is internationally certified too. This certification is of his skill of creativity, the security he provides a healthy and safe environment. A tattoo artist is the one who should be considered first to where exactly to get a tattoo on the body. This step assured quality that is necessary for these permanent body marks. In the first step, cleanliness of the tattoo artists himself should also be ensured. His hands should be washed and covered with gloves.
  2. Secondly, after having stencil of the tattoo, an artist should get a Performa signed from the person getting a tattoo. This is to ensure age limits and also the consent of the person. The Performa should be kept in the record of the company also to show consent if required sometimes. Consent is important as this is going to remain permanent, and the process is quite sensitive too. It is because tattoo gave open wounds to the skin are an open invitation to infections too. An authentic and expert artist, therefore, would spray the skin with antiseptics to avoid bacteria to grow. Before getting the actual tattoo, an artist’s ensures he skin is cut and scars free. Otherwise, it will grow infections and hurt the person even more.
  3. After the complete inspection of a tattooist and person, the actual step of getting the tattoo begins. Scars and cuts free skin ensures the tattoo wish to be engraved on skin. Firstly skin is shaved after which razor is disposed of. While new eraser for each customer is also mandatory to keep it safe for the customer. The stencil is then applied to the skin that is approved by the customer that either is correct or not. Otherwise, it can be washed off if wring and can be re-applied. Once the stencil application is made, the skin is kind of moisturized and made soft to get the tattoo done. This procedure is overwhelmed by applying petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the area.
  4. Client to get a tattoo should be ensured a comfortable position to get the tattoo. The tattooist most of the times sit onto the very next chair or stool to the customer. After applying Vaseline, the actual process of tattoo begins. In this part, needles are fir into the tattoo machine and are turned on to suck the colors the client want. These needles are then injected into the skin. Because of the fact that these are needles and skin obviously is not used to it, the process hurts more than expected. It can take minutes or hours, depending on the size and complexity of the design. The deposition of needles is 1.6cm deep.
  5. Outlining of the tattoo is done with 3-5 needles while coloring is done with 10-12 needles. Coloring is also called the shading of the tattoo. Pain and bleeding happen during these needling procedures and also depend on the sensitivity of the area. Pain also varies from skin to skin. Bleeding, however, is wiped off frequently. All of the needles, vibes etc. are disposed of immediately by the professional certified tattoo artists. All f the process due to the complexity and human body pain requires the consent of the customer. It in the past has been banned due to religious reasons too, but now the ban has been lifted in many areas of the world.

Tattoo removal in the past was not possible in any case. Although it is tried to be done by many methods nowadays while except laser treatment all left scars on the skin. The procedure is quite expensive too. Sometimes the area either becomes infected or least able to produce normal skin without pigments and scars.

A tattoo and thinking behind it

As mentioned above, a tattoo sometimes has a history behind it. It can be to represent a certain tribe, belief of a person. Sometimes it gets just to ensure class/status of a person. Most of the times, due to religious beliefs and pain, people do not get permission to get tattooing done on their body even once in a lifetime. While on the other hand, a person can get addicted to this too. Sometimes people have tattoos all over their body to show uniqueness.


Tattoo culture has a long history behind it varying onto the areas. Besides its cultural history, it has a long history of pain on a person’s body depending on the size of the tattoo. In any case, ensuring safety health measures by tattooist is a significant part of the process while the consent of the client is also must.     


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