10 things you should never do to your shoes

Shoes are one of the men’s and women’s most popular fashion accessories. Many ladies or even people can browse when it comes to the purchase of shoes before they drop the last money they have on them until they settle for the right pair. Retail for sneakers is so beautiful and fun for retail fans. You head straight to a shop and take a stroll to see if you’ll get the pair you dreamed of.

Shopping for shoes is such a glorious event. It’s something right out of the film scene on a decent day, you get in, you get handled as a VIP, and you go out with the perfect shoe, dress or hat you’ve ever been watching. On a bad day, a busy shop, a hard-working short sales team and a stock that has nothing in your size can turn the frustration into a nightmarish pride.

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Those who wear shoes will say a lot about you. The common misconception people have about shoes is that they should take your fashion side. The truth is that your foot and your overall health are perfect for shoes. Take a look at 10 things you should never do to your shoes.

  1. During Rainy days, avoid suede and canvas shoes: How often have you been using the wrong type of shoes on a rainy day? Well, all of us have been the victims of this situation too often. While the first instinct is that you should wear waterproof shoes, also in the rainy season it is important to know that you should not wear them. You better equip yourself to be healthy unless you want them to get destroyed in the downpour.
  2. Don’t Wash Your Shoes in Washing Machine: For shoes, cleaning them in the washing machine is one of the worst mistakes you can make. It could unglue the shoe from its frame. It is especially easy for the canvas shoes to toss them in the washing machine and dryer for quick cleaning, but they will only be worn out quicker. Instead, scrub the shoes by hand and do so immediately so that the dirt does not build up.
  1. Don’t wear your favorites too much & Store them: Certainly, everyone has a favorite pair, but five days in a row you’ll still wear them easier if you wear the same shoes. Allow your shoes to rest and wear a shift. If you’re running, it really is recommended to rotate footwear to prevent injury and improve performance. And even if we realize that you enjoy your shoes, pair them together! One of the great errors you can make is to wear your adorable shoes because if they get really damaged, you can’t fix it most of the time.
  2. Don’t wear Shoes over 5 cm in Heels: We love the heels just as every girl does. They are trendy, have a lovely arch and look good with anything, most importantly. But, ladies, let’s be honest, they don’t feel just as great, do they? What are you going to have to do with these big heels that you can just stroll around them for ten minutes or go ahead? The shorter your heels are, the better.
  3. Do not Wear Sandals Socks: this is one of the fashion stupidities men make. How are you like a man when your boyfriend laughs at you on sandals and socks? Before you go out, always look at the mirror or ask people. The sandals and socks look weird.
  4. Don’t forget to Store Shoes: Shoes are just like human skin. You need fresh air with pores. Take the plastic bags out of your hands and try to keep them accessible. Most people believe that the protection of the shoes is better if they are kept in sealed containers and that they are surprised when they see the condition of their shoes when they are removed. Shoes have pores to respire. You shouldn’t just be enclosed.
  5. Avoid Wearing Shoes when Your Feet is Wet: Mold and odor may be caused by the water, sweat and other moisture. Moisture can also lead to the formation of bacteria that is not only bad for your foot but also bad for your feet. There are many options to scrub stinky clothes, for example, with baking soda or alcohol. A shoe deodorizer could also be bought; however, avoidance is safer. If you have sweaty feet, use a foot gel.
  6. Don’t forget to clean or scrub dust or grit off leather shoes: Wax or polish your shoes, especially if they are real leather, at least twice a month. Leather, like the flesh, must be shaped, sealed and covered to preserve its shape, color, and consistency. You also need to remove dirt from your shoes when you see it, or it will hardly get you to remove it. You can’t easily remove it.
  7. Don’t wait until the shoes or soles are worn down to patch them: It is always best, before it gets too bad, to replace heels. A lot of the times, people hesitate until they see rubber heels come up, but an injury to heels after they have been tired from the rubber will lead to a loss of height in the shoes as they are made of plastic if you deal with the thin, pointy, stiletto heels. The more damage a shoe has, the costlier it will be when the time is right.
  8. Don’t remove Dirt and Mud from Water: It’s not just water damage that you need to think about when your feet get dirty. The next thing you have to do is to remove dirt or mud after you have kept your boots out of the rain. Grab a heavy cloth to wipe it all out.

If that is mud, you may need to dab and wipe them first with a rag, then use the brush to really get in the nooks and crannies. Particularly where the sole meets the leather. This is a key area for the collection of dirt and residues.

Final Words

Although shoes saw tremendous strides during the past century, the idea that shoes will always be properly maintained in good form is a fundamental that hasn’t changed. We have so many sorts of footwear today-from leather, to canvas, and so on. It’s frustrating to know that any form of the shoe needs special attention, from cleats to brogues.

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