Different styles of denim jeans

The day automatically gets better when you find a perfect pair of jeans that fit you well and is comfortable too, and it looks great on you. Jeans is one fashion that can never go wrong or out of style. A person can never have enough jeans. Whenever a person goes shopping, they will always enter a jeans shop. The best part about jeans is that even if you do not wash them or iron them, they will still look the same. Be it a formal or an informal event, jeans will never leave by your side. A person can rock any jeans to any party if styled perfectly.

According to a report, the denim jeans market will reach from $66.02 billion to $85.4 billion by 2025-2026. It means jeans are here forever, and people prefer jeans over any other clothing.

Jeans look good on every body type. But you should know which kind would suit you. Today, there are many different types of jeans which we will go through to help you buy the perfect jeans according to your body type and will look great on you. When a person goes specifically to buy a pair of jeans, he/she gets confused because there are so many different options and variance. It makes the selection difficult. It is best to research what type would suit and what type will not. It will not only be time-efficient but will also make your jeans shopping experience even more fun!

The different types of jeans for men and women according to the body types are:

  1. Straight jeans: Straight jeans are for both men and women. Their name says it all. It is straight, which means they are comfortable. They have the same fit from the waist to the ankle. It suits every body type because of their design. Men and women can wear it no matter how slim or how healthy they are. Mostly everyone wears straight jeans. It is their everyday jeans because they are comfortable and are very classy. Men and women of all body types prefer this specific type because it suits every body type.
  2. Skinny jeans: Skinny jeans fit perfectly to your legs and your curves. If you want to show off your legs, skinny jeans are the right answer for you. Men and women both wear skinny jeans. But women who have lean legs or worked out legs can wear them. On the other hand, men who have short legs can wear it because it makes the legs look longer or for men with a medium build.
  3. Slim fit jeans: Slim fit jeans and skinny jeans are similar, but slim fit jeans are not too tight or too loose. Mostly these jeans categories are usually worn by men. These jeans will look good on men who are lean because they are of the average fitting.
  4. Loose jeans: Loose jeans will be ranked the best jeans in the category of comfortable jeans. As the name suggests, these jeans are very loose and baggy in style. Looks good on men who have broad thighs and calves.
  5. Boot cut jeans: Boot cut jeans are for both men and women. They fit till the knees and then have a flare. The flare makes these jeans look very stylish and classy. For women, it suits all body types. Men with the medium build can try these. The fit of these jeans is so good. They take your body shape and fit admirably well.
  6. Boyfriend jeans: The name sounds make it look borrowed from your boyfriend, but that is not the truth. These jeans are loose and baggy in style just like loose jeans for men. The size is similar to the ones worn by men but is prevalent in girls. Women with any body type can rock it, but women with shorter height should avoid it. Because it makes them look even shorter because it is too loose.
  7. High waist jeans: High waist jeans are also known as high rise jeans. You wear these above the belly button, which makes you look tall instantly. Women with a lean body can rock this type of jeans. High waist jeans if worn correctly, can make you look thin and your waistline flaunted.
  8. Cigarette jeans: They are almost the same as the skinny jeans, but the only difference is that they do not cover your ankles. That means they are not full length like other pairs of jeans. Women with bulky thighs should avoid it.
  9. Flared jeans: Flared jeans will remind you of the old years when women used to wear them. Flared jeans and boot cut jeans fall into the same category. In flared jeans, the flare starts right away. These jeans look perfect on tall and curvy women.
  10. Skinny crop jeans: They are similar to skinny jeans, but they come with folded hems to give a more stylish look. Any woman with thin legs can wear these jeans. You should avoid if you have a round or pear-shaped body.


So these are the ten most common jeans available today on the market listed above, including the body type it compliments. Now after reading this, it will be an effortless task for you to select a pair of jeans and rock it. One should invest in good quality jeans which will not only make you look good but also repurchasing of jeans will decline too. Quality matters. Always know your body type and remember, there is a type available for you. So go and flaunt your new pair of jeans.

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