5 Mistakes that No Bride should Commit before Choosing Outfits for her Bridesmaids

You can never ignore what your bridesmaids are doing for your wedding. Thanks to them, everything is fixed on time and you are not all over the place. From helping you pick out the theme color to the wedding cake, the bridesmaids have been your shadow for the past few months.

When you had to make clay pots as party favors just at the last minute, your girl gang was there for you. They helped you fixing the seating arrangement and finished off writing seating cards at the wee hours. Without raising one doubt, they silently assisted you to make the day most memorable.

Now, don’t they rightfully deserve a beautiful gift, in return? It would not hurt to go a little generous on their dress and accessories from your wedding fund. However, your task does not end at picking out the outfit or jewelry. Above all, when they look amazing, your wedding photos will look 100 times better. So, help your lovelies from making unforgivable mistakes after slipping into the cheap bridesmaid dresses on your D-day.

Don’t Hold Your Breath before it’s Too Late

If you wish to showcase your bridesmaids’ individuality, you need to address your wishes clearly. Following their personal style, they may end up getting something too flashy. As elegance has been your first priority, micro mini cocktail dress or casual jeans may not be a good choice. So, discuss with your lovelies what everyone wants. It is better to select a color and design for reducing their workload.

Don’t Discourage them to Make Checklists 

The checklists pave the way for a successful wedding. So, why not use the same idea for the bridesmaids as well? The shopping checklist must consider certain things – their age, preferences, skin tone, and hair color. Then ask your girlies whether they feel comfortable after putting on the outfit. If you are having a winter wedding, make sure, your bridesmaids stay warm with a cozy wrap. If it is completely up to you selecting the dress, try to go with a neutral color.

Don’t Forget about their Alterations

You might have spent days after days at the tailor for getting your big puffy dress altered. Now the tables have turned; provide enough time to your bridesmaids. It is always wise to choose custom made dresses because the sleeves, shoulder blades, and length can be on point. Even if there is need of adding extra tulle at the bottom or anywhere else, your sisters can actually utilize the time.

Don’t Stop them from Accessorizing

Amidst all the hullaballoo, your lovelies may not get enough time to choose the accessories. Your bridesmaids can come off as boring if their neck looks too empty or they are wearing simple studs. But, you can rescue them by getting their favorite accessories. As a wedding gift, they can cherish the little trinkets forever. So, it’s your responsibility, you can purchase something new, like a pair of tear-shaped earrings or black pearl neckpiece.

Don’t let them Make a Wild Fashion Statement 

It’s their body, it’s their choice – that’s, what you might have thought. But, the impact is left on your wedding. In case one of your bridesmaids wants to get a big tattoo, sport a pixie cut, or dye their hair blue, suggest them to wait for a bit. If your friend shows up with pink hair or giant butterfly tattoo, imagine how the altar or group photos would turn out. When it’s all over, they can fulfill their wishes freely.

If you or your bridal gang cannot find the perfect outfit to make a head-turning fashion statement, all you need is the collection of sparkly prom dresses.

Author Bio: Ellen James is a fashion intern with several published quality articles on how to look charming with sparkly prom dresses. Here, she mentions 5 mistakes that no bride should make before choosing cheap bridesmaid dresses.

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