Six golden rules for all evening dresses

Are evening dresses hard to find for you?

If you want to look fantastic in that night event, you should choose an evening dress that gives you the necessary confidence, with which you can feel elegant and comfortable. Sometimes you make the mistake of believing that the more add-ons your look has, the better it will be. However, that is a grave mistake. Jovani, a leading brand in the fashion industry and creator of an exclusive collection of evening dresses, say that each type of garment implies a specific search for accessories. That because it will depend on the design, color and other multiple factors.

In order to avoid these typical mistakes, we leave you six golden rules that you must take into account to make a night party look perfect.


If there is something vital that you must take into account before choosing the dress, it is the occasion you are attending. You must consider factors such as the place of the party, the time, the style of the party, the guests, if you are one of the people who will be part of the ceremony or not, among other elements. After solving each of these questions, you can limit search aspects. For example, if it’s a wedding, you know you can not go dressed in white. On the other hand, if it is a gala event, the color black or red may be ideal. In the same way, knowing the occasion will help you choose the right accessories.


Maybe this is one of the most important rules. Don’t try to show off different parts of your body at the same time. Too much will take the elegance out of the look. At a party, the best dressed will never be the one with more cleavage. Avoid making the mistake of wanting to look too sensual, as we are talking about an elegant event, not a party at the disco. Find a gown appropriate to the occasion and that looks good on your silhouette. Remember that it is better to dress modestly than to look vulgar. Leave something to the imagination!


It is true that choosing a dress is a task. Many times we get carried away by design, however, the main characteristics that you have to look for, is comfort. If you are guided only by design, you might choose an uncomfortable dress that does not let you enjoy the night. Because you ended up feeling uncomfortable, you will not wear the gown; the gown will wear you. The main rule is that the dress you choose mixes comfort, confidence and shows off a spectacular design.


When choosing your dress, keep in mind the perfect accessories, such as shoes, earrings, necklace, bracelets and the clutch. Knowing what you will not wear, will help you put together the right look. In this way, you will be able to look entirely consistent and coherent.


It is a lie that if you want to achieve an elegant look, it is necessary to incorporate all the details you find. To have elegance, you need to add accessories that are sufficient. If your dress has many features like jewels or glitter, you have to limit yourself to choose very delicate and subtle accessories. If your corset is very ornate or it is a high neck dress, it will not be necessary to wear a collar. With delicate and minimalist earrings, you will achieve the perfect look. Otherwise, if your evening dress is very simple, you need to make it stand out with a striking necklace and the perfect shoes.

You also have to take into account makeup. Choose between highlighting your eyes or your lips, never the two areas.


If that night you want to mix attraction, elegance and modernity, keep in mind that the state of your evening dress is crucial. You can never have a single wrinkle, dirt, or a poorly adjusted fabric. Otherwise, no matter how cute your look, you will not be able to show it off. In the same way, you have to procure with the shoes. Errors always stand out more than hits. Try everything to make sure is perfect!

Analyze the occasion, look for the dress that will help you highlight your attributes, do not load your look and never forget that comfort is necessary. Follow these six tips, and you’ll look spectacular that night!

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